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serwis przemyslowych oczyszczalni sciekowSewage treatment plant service is directed to the owners of waste water plants who do not have any professional technological support. The constant contact with our technologist allows to solve possible problems of the operative sewage treatment plant as well as to provide a stable ecological effect while keeping low costs of exploitation.

The service of sewage treatment plant is based on constant, periodic (monthly) visiting the facility within the contract. After every visit a report is prepared concerning the performed analysis and observations which also includes detailed guidelines for further exploitation of the facility. Very often it turns out that the sewage treatment plant achieves assumed parameters, however, the amount of the dosed chemical reagents is too high which leads to high costs.

We offer you the following range of activities:

  • Defining the basic parameters of sewage treatment plant's work, including:
    • the control of the right indication of pH probe, together with its caliberation
    • definining the optimal doses of chemical reagents necessary for getting the assumed level of waste water pretreatment consistent with current conditions
    • the supervision of processes: coagulation, neutralization, flocculation, saturation and flotation
    • checking the capability of metering pump
    • In case of biological sewage treatment plants:
    • oxygen intensity in particular technological chambers
    • sludge load
    • the age of sludge
    • sedimentation properties of the sludge
    • recirculation rates
  • Performing physical chemical analysis of effluent and raw sewage, including:
    • biogenic compounds (total phosphorus, total nitrogen, ammonium nitrogen, nitrate nitrogen)
    • organic impurities of BOD5 and COD
    • suspended matter
    • pH
  • Performing the microbiological analysis of the sludge
  • Servicing the probes ( calibration, exchange of used parts)
  • Recurrent trainings of staff exploiting the facility
  • Unlimited possiblity of phone consultations
  • Preparing reports based on performed actions consisting of conclusions and recommendations aiming at:
    • maintaining the stable work of the facility
    • achieving the minimal costs of exploitation
    • achieving the ecological effect consistent with an aquatic legal permission
    • indicating the possible reasons for improper work of the installation.

    In addition, the offer might be extended on performing physical chemical analysis of sewage and sludge consistent with an aquatic legal permission.

    We also offer a singular audit aiming at: performing the analysis of sewage, conducting the control of basic parameters of the facility's work, defining the causes of possible anomalies in the sewage treatment plant's functioning as well as preparing its repair plan.

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