MEKOR – we perform start-ups of sewage treatment plants



przeprowadzamy rozruchyWe perform start- ups of sewage treatment plants together with subsidiary facilities, consisting of following stages: electric mechanical, hydraulic and technological. Activities perfomed in that way guarantee the minimal time of the start-up as well as the anticipated ecological effect with minimal costs of expoitation.

The offer for the start-up of sewage treatment plant consists of:

  • growing and transport of activated sludge,
  • getting correct technological parameters of sewage treatmant plant's work,
  • taking full responsibility for the functioning of sewage treatment plant for the time of the start-up,
  • indicating possible corrections in the existing installation which guarantees its proper working,
  • unlimited number of visits at the facility necessary for achieving the ecological effect,
  • performing the physical and chemical analysis of raw, pretreated and effluent sewage with the usage of portable laboratory equipment in the range and frequency depending on needs,
  • examination of activated sludge ( microbiological, sedimentation properties, sludge's age, sediment load etc.),
  • current control of the basic parameters of the sewage treatment plant up to the end of the start-up process,
  • staff training,
  • organization of work and leading of the instituted start-up commission,
  • formulating the start-up documentation ( start-up program, manuals, reports, schedules etc),
  • confirmation of the ecological effect by conducting the analysis of effluent sewage in an accredited laboratory in terms of aquatic legal permission.

  • The start-up of the sewage treatment plant requires conducting a wide array of actions. We guarantee that they are performed in the best possible way. 
    You are welcome to contact us with all your questions concerning the start -up of sewage treatment plant.

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