MEKOR – we carry out technological audits



serwis przemyslowych oczyszczalni sciekowA technological audit is a service aimed at the owners or operators of sewage treatment plants, who would like to discover the technological potential of their facilities, assess their technological equipment, their method of operation and procedures or simply get to know their strengths and weaknesses.

On the one hand, such an assessment of a sewage treatment plant very often leads to an increase in its efficiency, improves the quality of waste water and lowers maintenance costs, whereas on the other hand, it pinpoints the areas which need support and the possibilities for implementing new technological solutions.



The following issues are analysed during a technological audit:

  • inspection of the technical condition of plant facilities, in particular: identifying potential defects and technical failures, assessing maintenance, renovation and operating needs
  • analysing the effectiveness of waste water treatment and determining the risk of failure to meet environmental parameters
  • assessing the accuracy of technological processes
  • determining technological parameters for the sewage treatment plant (e.g. return sludge rates, oxygen concentration in specific technological phases and chambers, sludge concentration in activated sludge chambers, activated sludge weight, sludge age, sludge sedimentation properties, sludge index, secondary settlement tank parameters)
  • analysis of the applied doses of chemical reagents 
  • assessment of rules and guidelines included in sewage treatment plant operating instructions, with particular focus on: following the plant technological process, fulfilling staff duties concerning the operation of the plant, supervising the keeping of the Operation Log Book for the sewage treatment plant, supervising inspection, renovation and maintenance - in accordance with operation and maintenance documentation
  • analysis of the sewage treatment plant control system (the functionality of the control program, the proper functioning of control algorithms, automation components, the existence of backup copies).
  • drawing up a report, conclusions and recommendations
  • estimating the cost of proposed solutions  

The scope of our audit can be adjusted to individual needs. We guarantee a reliable plant analysis and assessment.

If you would like to get to know more about your sewage treatment plant or if you are looking for a technological consultation, do not hesitate to contact us.

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