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budujemy przemysloweEach producer of industrial sewage, which qualitative composition differs from typical municipal waste water, faces the problem of its utilization. It happens very often that the only solution to this problem is an own sewage pretreatment or treatment plant. The purchase of such installation itself is very costly as well as the its exploitation which has influence on the price of manufactured products.

All issues presented above make the future investor face the difficult task of purchasing the right installation which will solve the problem of wastewater management of their business in an optimal way.

Thanks to our multiannual experience and knowledge we are able to offer you the service of building the sewage pretreatment or treatment plant "turnkey". We are the company which DOES NOT HAVE any "miraculous" or patented technologies and devices. The installations offered by us are like " a tailor-made suit" based on exoteric and proved technologies, as well as devices adjusted to individual needs and specification of each client. Such individual approach to each investment allows us to guarantee you that the installation created by us not only will achieve the assumed results of waste water treatment but also its cost will be optimal. 

The sewage treatment plant buliding can be divided into following stages:

  • Analysis and laboratory tests of sewage treatment plant possibilities conducted for choosing technologies of its treatment and pretreatment; only such approach guarantees the choice of right technology
  • Detailed analysis of the present state allowing to make the right decision: sewage pretreatment or treatment plant?
  • PWhile producing industrial waste water we can only pretreat it and then export it to municipal sewage treatment plant or treat it to the parameters which allow its direct transfer to natural environment.
    Making this crucial decision has to be proceded by the analysis of following factors:

    • technical ( access to the receiver)
    • technological
    • economical ( which solution is more profitable?)
    • formal

    Such research allows our client to make the right decision.

  • Help in getting the right conditions to carry purified and pretreated sewage away. Very often we come across conditions issued incompatibly with binding regulations which makes future installations be oversized, thereby much more expensive, regarding the investment and exploitation.
  • Development of sewage treatment plant installation conception
  • Help in getting all necessary decisions and agreements, including:
    • aquatic legal agreement together with aquatic legal survey
    • decision concerning environmental conditioning together with the environmental impact report
    • building conditions
  • In case of an investement for which getting the building permit will be required, we offer the complex preparations of technical documentation ( project, cost estimate, specifications).
  • Building of sewage treatment plant installation.
  • Start-up of sewage treatment plant finished with achieving the assumed technological parameters as well as the quality of sewage consistent with stated conditions.

  • This multistage process leads to creating an installation which fully meets client's expectations and the character of the task.

    You are welcome to use our experience.

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