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przygotowujemy programyFormulating the functional utility program (PFU) for a planned construction, reconstruction or modernization of sewage treatment plant gives an opportunity to shorten the time necessary to determine the range of planned investment and its costs relative to the traditional way, namely formulating the project, its specification and cost estimates. Such formulation gives a chance to acquire external means and fulfill the investment in the "design- build" formula.

Function utility programs (PFU) formulated by our company are compatible with guidelines defined in the Regulation of the Ministry of Infrastructure dated September 2nd 2004 which states the detailed range and form of project records, technical specification of the project execution and the reception of building works, as well as the function utility program (Dz. U. z 2004 r. nr 202, poz. 2072).

The realization of PFU always starts with the inventory of the present state of the investment, which combined with the client's expectations, allows us to choose the right sewage treatment technologies and prepare conceptions of proposed solutions. The common analysis of the presented conception permits us to choose the optimat solution fulfilling your expectations and
guaranteeing achieving the assumed ecological effect while optimizing the investment and exploitative costs. On the basis of the prepared conception the functional utility program is created, which is the basic tool of the investment's realization in the "design-build" formula.

We give you the possibility to take part in the realization process of the task given to us. Therefore, at the very beginning stage of work you will be aware what the future investment will look like.
The contact with our clients is very important to us in order to fulfill their expectations concering the project, its execution and documentation.

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